Angelic Blends – Personalized Cleansing Incense

Psalm 51:7 -Cleanse me with Hyssop, and I will be clean, wash me, and I will be whiter than snow.


Angelic Blends – Personalized Cleansing Incense Created for you and tuned at 528Hz for Optimal Healing.
Incense has been used from the beginning of time to cleanse, purify, protect and release. In ancient times, incense was a symbol for the prayers and intercession of the people going up to the Divine as a sweet fragrance. A place where people could feel connected and pray.

Angelic blends are personalized blend of Organic Herbs that is formulated for your current energetic needs, no blend is the same. I work with 100 different herbs with a touch of essential oil for fragrance. Your formula will range on average 10 – 25 herbs per formula. All herbs are tuned at 528Hz with tuning forks for optimal healing.

Your blends are created only in the highest light and love energy. A little goes a long way. Coconut Shell Charcoal will come with your order. Your Coconut Shell Charcoal, is environment friendly product, odorless and tasteless which will ensure to have a clean and healthier incense smoke.

As the healing incense smoke rises, move the incense around your body, feel the peace, slow add incense as the smoke dies down until you feel better. This is your time for healing.

As you go through your journey, you will notice your formula will change as you change and grow, always giving you what you need, removing and static or negative and leaving to Divine Inspiration can come through.

Cleansing and purifying ourselves should be a common practice. To release, remove, cleanse and purify ourselves is a practice we should being incorporating in our daily lives.

When you begin to cleanse with Angelic Blends, you will experience how a cleansed and purify state feels, which will be an indicator when you need to do cleanse again.

Working with Angelic blends along with your spiritual practice will aid in higher enlightenment for yourself.

Sending the healing light of the rainbow to you.

With Love the Healing goddess.

Please note; if you have allergies to herbs then this kit is not for you.

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