Enlightenment Reading

Enlightenment Reading was created to spread enlightenment to help us become more conscious on how we contribute to our own suffering and learn how to begin to bring healing and transformation to our lives.


Enlightenment Reading was created to spread enlightenment to help us become more conscious on how we contribute to our own suffering and learn how to begin to bring healing and transformation to our lives.

With these enlightenment tools, which can go back 5000 years, I was able to stop my own suffering, transform my life, in personal, career, family and relationship.

We can achieve this by doing the hard work, looking within ourselves and working with the enlightenment tools to shift our thinking and to apply antidote to end our suffering.

Healing has many, many layers and takes time, we need love and patience with ourselves to achieve the results we are looking for in our lives. In our Enlightenment reading, we will start with three enlightenment tools to begin to incorporate in your life, with daily practice you will begin to see change. With your dedication, you will notice your suffering will begin to lessen until you will have renunciation from your situation.

This reading, is for the individual that really wants change and understands the hard work involved and ready to do the inward work to make miracles happen in their own lives.

Please note; I am not Psychic, and this is not a psychic reading. I am Claircognizant, which is the intuitive ability of clear knowing, with this gift and the cards I created from different enlightenment I have learned, we will come together to have a reading of healing.

How does it works;

Goto – https://www.etsy.com/listing/513649403/spirtual-reading-enlightenment-reading?ref=shop_home_feat_1

1. Once the reading is paid for, email me at Happinessmatters88@gmail.com in the subject line, please title it Enlightenment Reading. You will have a download to with further instructions and a worksheet to go along with the reading.

For Healing to begin a person must be heard, please email me your situation where you need Enlightenment. When I receive your situation, please give me
48 hours to do the reading, record and email back to you through Dropbox. All emails and recordings are private and held in the highest regard.

2. Please indicate in your email, your offering of the heart, (Example of and offering would be; water, fruit, rice, incense, musical instrument etc.) The rationale behind this is, we must give before we receive. I will include your offering in the reading.

With Healing, it starts with a thought and then a feeling attached to that thought. Think of your situation and out of the 7 offerings below which one connects to you the most once you made that connection, that will be the perfect offering. When I go into sacred space your heart felt intension will be represented.

Candle Offering – Represents offering light, stability and clarity (Wisdom Eyes) Wisdom and compassion.
Water Offering – To Erase Impurity and dirt, erase bad karma and slander
Incense Offering – Act of purification, to purify our hearts and minds, to let go of any preconceive notion of the truth
Food Offering – Keeps the mind and body strong and healthy
Rice Offering – Symbolize Prosperity and fertility
Music Offering – Great wisdom and sound intelligence
Flower Offering – Pure in nature between two people the Divine and you.

3. Once the reading is completed I will email the recording through the Dropbox application

Come with open heart, open mind a determined spirt for your own happiness.

Your Happiness Matters



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