Fibroids, Vagi Steam and Menstrual Cups

I was told I had 20 fibroids and one large cyst.  WHAT!!! Are you kidding me,


I never heard of fibroids until I became ill not knowing I had a tampon stuck way up inside me.

My mind was totally out of it, my husband was living overseas and we were in the sludge of immigration. Leaving my husband’s arms once again took a toll on my emotional health. When came back to the states, I was completely spaced out and by error I placed two tampons in me by being in emotional pain.

After doing ultra sound, I was told I had six fibroids. After talking it over with my family, I decided to have the myomectomy, when I came out of surgery, I was told I had 20 fibroids and one large cyst.  WHAT!!! Are you kidding me, I prayed and thank God for giving me a chance to have my womb cleared out.  I made a vow to take care of my womb. Staying away from foods with high hormones, stop all commercial feminine products which has a harmful chemical call dioxin which aids in growth of fibroids, cysts etc. I used a wonderful menstrual cup monthly. I purchased Ozone 3 machine to ensure pesticide and hormones antibiotics is lifted from the food, drinking filtered water, I do liver detox to flush out any hormones I might have ingested, I take Dim to ensure my hormones are balanced, I drink green tea, I do Castrol packs and fertility massage and the most treasured practice is Vagi Steam.

WOW… just writing that made me tired. Once you are diagnosis with fibroids your life changes, your body is sensitive and if you don’t want them to come back then you need to change your food and learn to give your temple what it needs.

I remember seeing Vagi steam and I was very interested. I listen to a seminar form Maya institute of midwifery, the wealth of knowledge I received changed my life and maintaining the health of my womb with Vagi Steam. I purchased my first Vagi herb from and it was beautiful, I took the formula to my herbalist and he improved the formula, wow… I sell them now on my esty site.  I wanted to create a product to help women. I ask you please to do all your research and due diligence and whatever decision you decide will be the best decision for your life.

I celebrate you, it’s is worth having the surgery to have my womb cleared out and freed. I feel so connected to her now.

Benefits of Vagi Steams,

1.       Makes your uterus a nurturing rich bed to allow implantation

2.       If you have Dark Blood before and after your cycle it will cleanse the old blood that was not      released from previous menstrual cycles

3.       Aid in moisture

4.       Ease the pain of painful menstrual cycles

5.       Break up blood clots

 In 3 months, doing the Vagi steam 1 week before your cycle you will see rich red healthy menstrual blood.

Not recommend for women with very heavy menstrual cycles and women who have IUD.

This practice has been done on the eastern side of the world, it is time the women on the western side receive this same healing and to have beautiful rich wombs and sweet spots.

Much Love,