Je’Taime “Relationship” Enlightenment Reading

Je’Taime Enlightenment deck was created with love to give Enlightenment to your tender situation. This deck will empower you, there are no victims, only warriors.

Hearing a different angle, a different perspective could be that Spark you need to get things going in the right direction. The wisdom, in this deck will have you in deep thought and open your eye and heart.

Your situation will be held in the highest light and love.

This is not a Psychic reading, this is Enlightenment Reading. The cards where created from old wisdom and are so impactful. I have noticed people are drawn to readings of the future, what people don’t realized our decisions we make today writes our future. This is why we need enlightenment for Now in the present. When you make a wise decision for your present you will rewrite your future for the better, in turn having more harmony which will equal happiness.

Once you paid for your reading, please email me at Happinessmatters88 @ a brief description of your situation.

I will do into deep meditation and pull the cards. I will record your reading and email you in 24-28 hours.

Your Happiness Matters, sending you love and light,

My shop – Search for Shop Happinessmatters88

card 5card 6card 7


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